Area Attraction near by:

the Gull River System Canoe Route and Burnt River System
Canoe Routes.

the OFSC snowmobile trunk trail and ATV trail pass through the

4 golf courses and 3 theatres, picnic areas, restaurants,
churches, go-carts and horse back riding.                                       

15 Km drive to Dalton Digby Wildland Provincial Park.

37 Km drive to Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve.

60 Km drive to Algonquin Provincial Park.

Trails in the Haliburton Highlands:

1. Minden Walking Trail --.5 km            

Pleasant views and great bird watching.

2. Snowdon Park Preserve  2.9 km

Self-guided walking trail with several loops.

3. Haliburton Rail Trail -- 33 km

Viewing wildlife and incredible scenery.
including Ritchie Falls, wetland, and fantastic rock outcroppings.

4. Drag River Trail -- 0.25 km

Travel beside the picturesque Drag River.

5. Head Lake Trail -- 0.5 km

Waterfront park trail is paved for a nice easy walk .